Maine Forest Rally
Round 6
Michelin SCCA ProRally Championship

July 30-31, 1999

Supplementary Regulations



The 1999 MAINE FOREST RALLY is co-organized by the New England Region and the Blue Mountain Region, SCCA with grateful assistance of the MEAD PAPER CO., the INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO. and the SEVEN ISLANDS LAND CO. The rally is Round 6 of the MICHELIN SCCA PRORALLY CHAMPIONSHIP and will also be a Club Rally counting toward the 1999 ClubRally Championship. The event will be conducted following the National Pro Rally Rules, as amended by these Supplementary Regulations.


ChairmanJohn Buffum802-655-5768 W
New England Region CoordinatorTed Goddard603-783-4744 W
Blue Mt. Region Control ChiefDiane
RegistrarsCat McKeen/Marianne
CommunicationsBrad Emery N1OXB207-727-5469
Spectator Safety StewardPaul Giblin
Event PromotionAndy Schupack401-739-5677
SweepRovers North
ScoringJean-Georges Marcotte
Series Press and PromotionEd Jacobs330-644-7774


Thursday, July 299 PMBar TimeMadison
9 - 10 PMEarly RegistrationMadison
Friday, July 309 - 2 PMRegistrationMadison
9 - 2 PMScrutineeringAutoTech
11 - 1 PMWorker RegistrationMadison
1:30 PMWorker MeetingMadison
2 PMParc Expose OpensRumford
3:10 PMStart NationalRumford
11:30 PMApprox. FinishMagalloway
Saturday, July 317:30 - 8 AM Registration/Scrutineering
Club Rally only
8 AMClub Rally Seminar
(First Time Competitors)
9:30 AMRally Restart/Start Club RallyMadison
1 PMLunch BreakOquossoc
6 PMFinishRumford
7 PMPizza PartyAmerican Legion
8 PMProvisional Scores PostedAmerican Legion


The route is contained in an area 80 miles to the north, and 20 miles to the east and west, of Rumford, Maine. Maps will be included in the front of the routebook. The route is approximately 320 miles long, with 117 miles of special stages (11). The route uses most all of the roads twice; sometimes in opposite directions, sometimes duplicated. There will be two dead-end stages Friday. Most of the stages are 1-1/2 lane, well groomed ex-logging roads. Some will be being used as access for current logging operations; all are on gravel except the in-town Rumford short stage. The basic quality of the roads, considering both the roughness and tightness, is excellent. The first 6 gravel stages tend to be looser-surfaced and rougher.


Information in the service routebook will contain locations, time available and any other pertinent information. Service will normally be provided after every other stage.


The Mead Paper ClubRally on Saturday (Co-efficient 3) will start with stage 7 and follow the National course to the end.


A seminar for all previously unlicensed Club Rally competitors will be held at 8 AM on Saturday. Those unable to attend must contact the chairman beforehand. In general, those unfamiliar with the timing system could attend this seminar.


The Rumford spectator stage will be handled as follows: From Rumford's MTC, the course opening car will lead competitors IN REVERSE ORDER to the start of the stage (only 0.1 miles), through the stage (0.48 miles) and back to the start of the stage. At this point, competitors' time cards will be marked with an ACTUAL start time; these times will be 30 seconds (0.50 min) apart. Competitors should be ready to start, with the first car at 5:30! [30 second intervals means that you must be prepared beforehand as your start time arrives very quickly.] At the completion of the stage, you will be timed at the FF. Upon arrival at the FTC, you will hand in your time card, RALLY's OVER!

You WILL have a chance to change tires this year.


  1. All cars must be positioned in PARC EXPOSE between 2-2:30 PM Friday afternoon. Arrival after 2:30 PM will result in a penalty (NPRR 12.8.F). This Parc will be located in downtown Rumford. A map will be in the Routebook; please enter by using the bridge in the northwest side of downtown Rumford.
  2. The NOTICE BOARD will be posted in the registration room of the Madison.
  3. TRAILERS: DO NOT park them on the asphalt at the Madison! We need the space for cars. They may be parked in the field just west of the Madison (to the right as you enter the Madison).
  4. The STARTING ORDER will be determined on the basis of a seeded draw held on July 16th; OVERALL reseeds are planned for Friday night before dark, Saturday morning and 'lunch' on Saturday.
  5. ODOMETER CHECK: The distance between the MADISON HOTEL sign and the CITGO sign on Route 2 in front of the tech inspection building is 3.62 miles. You may also use the first 12 miles of SATURDAY's route.
  6. The DEAD END stages will be handled as follows: At the finish you will receive your finish time; at the same time you will be assigned an ideal start time for the return stage. After completing the paperwork, continue ahead to a safe location and turn around. Please park remembering that other cars will continue arriving. Essentially you must be ready to start at your ideal start time and we can restart as soon as the course closing vehicle arrives.
  7. Timing will be in hundredths; the final results will be changed to seconds.
  8. Lateness at ATC's, MTC's, etc. will be penalized by 0.20 minutes (see NPRR 12.10.C).
  9. All personnel connected with the rally MUST sign the WAIVER at Registration.
  10. All INCIDENTS/ACCIDENTS must be reported on the appropriate forms; forms are printed in the routebook. It is the responsibility of the competitor to hand the completed form to the SAFETY STEWARD or mail it to Denver within 14 days.
  11. ARROWS will supplement the route book, one being located AT (20 feet before) all major intersections which require a significant change of direction. Downward facing arrows indicate cautions.
  12. The un-posted SPEED LIMIT on gravel roads is 35 mph.
  13. TIME CARDS and official time will be available at MTC's.
  14. CONTROLS will operate per NPRR 12.8 and penalties per 12.9.
  15. QUIET ZONES are to be traversed 5 mph below the speed limit, low beams, and 'being quiet'.


  1. Reverse running order for the Rumford stage (12.4).
  2. 30 second start interval for the above stage.
  3. 15 minute MPL (for Club Rally competitors) between any two timing controls; 30 minute total MPL (12.9.A).


Club Rally:
Trophy Distribution:
Class WinnersFirst (O, Gp 5, GT, Gp 2, P)
(must be 3 starters)

National Rally:
Prize Money Distribution:
OverallFirst = $1000 + trophies
Second = $700
Third = $400
Fourth = $200
Fifth = $100

ClassFirst = $100
Second = $50
(depending on # of starters)

SeedFirst (all 6) = $100
Second = $50
(depending on # of starters)

Tow MoneyWest Coast = $100
Mid-west = $50



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