RallyRight RallyRight Entry List
(as of 4/25/01)
Blue Mountain Region SCCA

We have reached our capacity of 24 students for the "SCHOOL/RALLY". Entries are still being accepted for the "Sawmill ClubRally" and the "CLASSROOM ONLY" portions of the school.

If you are coming to RallyRight,"please", download and print the Student's Checklist, it contains important information to prepare you for the school and rally!


Driver                  Hometown          	Co-driver             	Hometown
Donal Mulleady		Bayonne, NJ		P J Reilly		Yonkers, NY			
Randy Zimmer		Buffalo, NY		TBA	
Anders Green		Apex, NC		TBA				
Ray Johansen		Danbury, CT		Brian Johnson		Bethel, CT	
John Cassidy		Bangor,	ME		Maygen McCarty		Veazle, ME	
Howard Richards		Philadelphia, PA	Thomas Clapp		Pheonix, MD
John Keaney		Yonkers, NY		Gerard Lambert		Yonkers, NY	
Russell	Rosendale	Pittsburgh, PA		Robin Winter		Pittsburgh, PA	
Silas Ford		Bronxville, NY		Olivia Ford		Bronxville, NY	
John Groo		Hartford, CT		Jacob Kalnenieks	Broad Brook, CT		
Jason Rivas		Oakdale, NY		Constantine Mantopoulos	Staten Island, NY        		
James Robinson		Marysville, OH		James Newton		Marysville, OH
Seward Ogden		Putney,	VT		Casey Blust		Guilford, VT	
James Fox		Lakeville, CT		Ethan Maass		Charlestown, MA	
Timothy	Stevens		Wells, ME		TBA	
Max Stratton		Williamstown, MA	Charles	Thecoles	Golfstown, NH
Peter Smith		Yonkers, NY		Garry Farrell		Yonkers	NY	
Eric Coulier		Livonia, MI		Steve Drabant		Dexter,	MI
Allen Downs Jr		Wells, ME		Kevin	Howard		Wells	ME
Joseph Ackley Jr	Brooklawn, NJ		Tim Gasparovic		West Depford, NJ	
Liam Egan		New York, NY		Aidan Denby		New York, NY	
Michael	Madden		Pearl River, NY		Martin O'Flynn		Nanuet,	NY	
James Larsen		E Randolah, VT		Seth Strait		Burlington, VT		
John Owens		Pearl River, NY		TBA	
Padraig	Purcell		Yonkers, NY		Patrick	McGrath		Yonkers, NY
Eoin McGeough		Yonkers, NY		TBA
Gerry O'Leary		Yonkers, NY		Bernard	Farrell		Yonkers, NY
Jack Tylek		South Amboy, NJ		Margaret Tylek		South Amboy, NJ				
Eugeniusz Michniuk	Staten Island, NY	Piotr Motykiewicz	Leonia,	NY				
Paddy Brennan		Yonkers, NY		

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