Doo Wop 1
Coefficient 2 Divisional PRO Rally
February 18, 1995
Olympia, WA

Div Reg Cls Cls Driver/Co-Driver Car Time

1 1 4WD Rick Beson/Ben Bradley Mazda Protege 49:02 2 1 O2L Tim Paterson/Penny Paterson Mazda RX-7 49:20 3 1 U2L John Sparks/Vern Johnson Toyota Corolla 50:29 4 1 O2L Dave White/John Elkin VW GTi 50:44 5 1 O2L Brian Cooper/Cam Jackson Datsun 210 51:10 6 1 4WD Dale Beard/Richard Simmons Mazda 323 GTX 51:21 7 2 O2L Ralph Kosmides/Joe Noyes Ford Escort Mk II 53:29 8 2 O2L Gary Caffroy/John Arnold Mazda RX-3 53:36 9 2 4WD Janice Damitio/Rob Walden Toyota Celica 53:41 10 2 U2L Scott Trinder/Robert Trinder Suzuki Swift 55:57 11 3 O2L Bill Nation/Erik Thompson Mazda RX-7 56:01 12 2 U2L Jeff Call/Brent Dille VW GTi 56:10 13 4 U2L Jake Dekovic/Mike Blore Toyota Starlet 58:45 14 3 U2L Simon Levear/Lee Shadbolt Datsun 510 58:50 15 3 O2L Terry Simons/Mike Jones Dodge Omni GLH 58:57 16 4 U2L Jack Horn/Monty Horn Mazda GLC 1:02:22 17 4 U2L Larry Furst/Karhy Pummell Datsun 210 1:04:13 18 3 O2L Bonnie Hertz/Lance Guensch Dodge Colt 1:07:38 DNF 3 O2L Jim Fisker-Anderson/Dave Snyder Dodge Omni GLH roll DNF 1 U2L Todd Hartmann/Pete Yeeles VW GTi mech DNF 3 O2L Pete Shelton/Joel Wright Mazda RX-3 mech DNF 2 4WD Dave Latourette/Dave Carroll VW Bug 4x4 mech DNF 1 4WD Jason Priestley/Kevin Caffrey Toyota Celica roll

Class 1 = Expert Class 2 = Experienced Class 3 = Novice Class 4 = "Rally Lites", 1500 cc displacement limit

The event featured three stages run twice each for about 45 stage miles. It was absolutely pouring down the rain, plus 8 inches of snow had melted in the preceding weeks so the Capitol Forest roads were much sloppier than usual. All stages were in daylight.

OLYMPIA, WA. 2/18/95

Among the 23 starters at the first Doo Wop weekend of 1995 were a few California entrants ready for a go at some prime Capitol Forest stages. What greeted them was some of the wettest rally weather the Northwest has seen in years. It never stopped raining all weekend.

Beverly Hills 90210 star Jason Priestly and codriver Kevin Caffrey made their first trip to Washington in the Toyota Celica Alltrac they started rallying last year. Their trip was cut short, however, when they rolled early into the first stage. They tried to fix the car for Sunday's rally but were unable to round up all the parts they needed.

Dale Beard and Richard Simmons won the first stage but soon hit troubles in their Mazda 323 GTX. Excessive crud in the fuel system was causing a persistent misfire that slowed their progress. That left the battle between Rick Beson and Ben Bradley's Mazda Protege 4WD and Tim and Penny Paterson's Beautiful new RX-7. The two teams traded stage wins throughout the rally but it was Beson and Bradley who finished with an 18 second advantage. The Paterson's fell short of the overall victory but did take the win in the Over 2 Liter group.

The Under 2 Liter group winners John Sparks and Vern Johnson finished third overall in their Toyota Corolla. Vern was the first in a trio of veteran drivers doing the navigating chores for a change on this rally. Sparks and Johnson were chased by the Califonian team of Dave White and John Elkin in a VW Golf that finished fourth overall and second in the O2L group. Brian Cooper and Cam Jackson rounded out the top five in their Datsun 210. Beard and Simmons could manage no better than sixth in their coughing and sputtering Mazda but still salvaged second in the 4WD group.

California resident and Nortwest Region member Ralph Kosmides, along with local codriver Joe Noyes, have made a world of improvement since starting their first rally on this event a year ago. Thay won Class 2 on their first try and finished seventh overall in their tubocharged Ford Escort Mk2. "Mr. Consistent" Gary Caffroy and codriver John Arnold followed close behind to capture eighth overall and second in Class 2.

Another visitor from California, Bill Nation, had local Volvo campaigner Erik Thompson along codriving in his Mazda RX-7. The pair took to the mud well finishing first in Class 3 and eleventh overall. Driving in his second rally Simon Levear and codriver Lee Shadbolt finished second in Class 3 and fourteenth overall.

The Rally Lite class was won the first time out by a pair of California transplants now living in the Seattle area. Jake Dekovic bought Topi Hynynen's Toyota Starlet and with codriver Mike Blore beat Jack and Monty Horn's Mazda GLC by over three minutes.

Most of the attrition happened early in the rally but only three cars could not make it back for Doo Wop 2. Both Jason Priestly's Toyota and the Dodge Omni of Jim Fisker-Anderson and Dave Snyder that rolled on stage four were missing due to lack of windshields. Even having Joel Wright as a codriver was no help to Pete Shelton when the engine in his RX-3 expired on stage two.

By Dave Clark

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