Press On Regardless PRO Rally 1980



HOUGHTON, Michigan -- New Zealander Rod Millen drove his specially prepared Mazda RX-7 to an impressive nine minute win over a field of 83 of the country's finest PRO Rally drivers at the 32nd running of SCCA's Budweiser Press On Regardless.

The rain, snow, ice and unforgiving roads of Michigan's Upper peninsula played havoc with the field and after two days and more than 600 miles of rally, only 22 cars finished.

Millen and co-driver Cam Warren of Reno, Nev. , had to overcome an early rally penalty and an accident late the second night. The win moves Millen into a tie for the lead in the U.S. Rally Championship and moves Mazda into a commanding lead in the manufacturer's standings.

Second went to SCCA race star Jon Woodner of Washington, D.C. , and partner Jerry Hinkle in a Triumph TR-8. It was clearly the best rally drive of Woodner's year-and-a-half career as a PRO Rally driver. Woodner was outspoken in his praise for his mechanic who, on one occasion, replaced a burnt out starter motor in less than 12 minutes and, on another, replaced a broken panhard rod in less than ten.

Third went to the team of New Zealander's, John Woolf and his co-driver, Grant Whittaker in a Mazda RX-3. As much as anyone else, this pair exemplified the Press On Regardless spirit by overcoming spins, flat tires, and a broken suspenalon to not only press on, but actually improve their position after losing 11 minutes fixing the cars suspension in the middle of one of the rally's 33 special stages.

The top five were rounded out by two Michigan teams. Guy Light and Jim Brandt took top four wheel drive honors in their CJ-7 Jeep while Larry Schmidt and Joe Andreini claimed fifth in their Dodge Colt.

Production Class was won by Mark Hardymon and Tom Drake, who were running Production for the first time in their Plymouth Arrow. They had been involved in a see-saw battle with the Saab 99 of Fred Stafford and Brick Hauge which went out half way through the second night after suspension failure put the car into the trees.

Reigning PRO Rally Champion John Buffum and partner Doug Shepherd were involved in a bad accident early Saturday morning while running in the lead. They went off the road at very high speed and wrapped their Triumph TR-8 around a tree. Buffum was trapped in the car for a short time, but escaped with only a pair of seriously bruised feet. Buffum's Triumph joined a long list of disabled cars which spent the night scattered over the Michigan countryside.

Press On Regardless was the 11th round of the SCCA PRO Rally Series. The next event is Sno*Drift in Grayling, Mich., Dec. 6-7.

SCCA CONTACT: Tim Cline (203) 453-1742, T. Michael Moreland (303) 770-1044


EVENT: Budweiser Press On Regardless        			EVENT CONDUTED BY: Detroit Region, SCCA
LOCATION: Houghton, Michigan                                    LENGTH: 678 Miles, 33 stages	
DATE: November 7-9, 1980                    			WEATHER: Cold, intermittent rain and snow
ENTRANTS: 83: FINISHERS: 21           				TERRAIN: Forest, rolliny hills

FIN											CHAMP	MFG. 
 1.   	Rod Millen, Santa Ana, CA        	Mazda RX-7         	6:03.61    	100    	100
     	Cam Warren, Reno, NV             		                     		100

 2.   	Jon Woodner, Wash. D.C.          	Triumph TR-8       	6:12.56     	 80      80
     	Jerry Hinkle, Columbia, MD       		                      		 80

 3.   	John Woolf, Santa Ana, CA        	Mazda RX-3        	6:18.69     	 60
     	Grant Whittaker, Santa Ana, CA   		                       		 60

 4.   	Guy Light, Midland, MI           	AMC CJ-7          	6:21.37     	 50      50
     	Jim Brandt, Lake Odessa, MI      		                       		 50

 5.   	Larry Schmidt, Rochester, MI     	Dodge Colt         	6:22.57     	 40      40
     	Joe Andreini, St. Clair Shores, MI 	                       		 		 40
 6.   	Dick Turner, Lancaster, TX       	International Scout II 	6:25.48     	 30      30
     	Tom Grimshaw, Aubrey, TX         		                   		 30

 7.   	Dave Schipper, Ann Arbor, MI     	Dodge Colt          	6:40.22     	 20
     	Jim Kloosterman, Ypsilanti, MI   		                     		 20

 8.   	Bruno Kriebich, Ridgewood, NY    	Porsche 911 Carrera	6:58.30     	 19
     	Scott Hughes, Loveland, OH       		                		 19

 9.   	Mark Hardymon, Powell, OH        	Plymouth Arrow       	7:02.84     	 18
     	Tom Drake, Columbus, OH          		                     		 18

10.   	Robert Schneider, Sylvania, OH   	VW Rabbit     		7:20.87     	 17
     	Larry Ward, Toledo, OH                                       			 17

 1. 	Mark Hardymon, Powell, OH        	Plymouth Arrow        	7:02.84    	100	100
     	Tom Drake, Columbus, OH          		                   		100

 2.   	K. Davieson Annis, Natick, MA    	Audi Fox      		7:36.57     	 80      80
     	Jim Blumenfeld, Weston, MA                                   			 80

 3.   	Henry Krolikowski, Wyandotte, MI    	Dodge Colt         	7:59.12     	 60      60
     	John Furohak, Southgate, MI      		                      		 60

                       STANDINGS AFTER ELEVEN EVENTS
DRIVER                                         		PRODUCTION DRIVER
1. Rod Millen         	500                  		1. Jon Davis           	500
   John Buffum        	500                  		2. Dan Johnson         	240
3. John Woolf         	380                  		3. George Beckorman    	180
4. Jon Woodner        	330                  		4. Jim olinger         	170
5. Dick Turner        	200                       	   Fred Stafford       	170

CO-DRIVER                                      		PRODUCTION CO-DRIVER
1. Doug Shepherd      	500  			 	1. Harry Ward          	500
2. Grant Whittaker    	380                  		2. Waren Johnson       	240
3. Tom Grimshaw       	200                  		3. Doris Beckerman     	180
4. David Orrick       	190                  		4. Greg Harris         	160
5. Joe Andreini       	187                      	   Ron Richardson      	160
   Harry Ward         	187

MANUFACTURER                                   		PRODUCTION MANUFACTURER
1. Mazda 		840				1. Saab                	900
2. Triumph            	770                  		2. Plymouth            	650
3. Dodge              	350                  		3. Dodge               	430
4. Datsun             	270                  		4. Audi                	140
5. IH Scout           	260                  		5. Mercury             	110
							   Toyota              	110

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